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HO Clarke Generating Station
HO Clarke 3D Model.PNG

100MW LM6000 Gas Fired Peaking Plant - Houston, TX

  • The project consists of 2 x GE LM6000 Gas fired Combustion Turbine Generator (CTG) Additions

  • The peaking Plant follows wind and solar power production

  • 138kv Electrical Switchyard with (2) Dead-End Towers and a tie-in to existing substation

Services: Electrical Engineering, I&C Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Structural  Engineering, Construction Support

Siouxland Energy Cooperative
Siouxland 3D Model.PNG
13MW Cogeneration Project - Sioux Center, Iowa
  • The Project includes the addition of a gas fired Combustion Turbine Generator and Heat Recovery Steam Generator to generate nominally 13 MW of power while producing approximately 89,000 lb/hr of 150 psig saturated steam for use in a 90 million gallon per year ethanol plant.

  • The balance of power will be exported to a local electrical co-operative.

  • Substantially reducing the ethanol plant Carbon Intensity (CI) score.

Services: Electrical Engineering, I&C Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Structural  Engineering, Field Engineering

Camptonville Community Partnership
Camptonville GA.PNG
5MW Biomass Power Plant –Camptonville, CA
  • The Camptonville Biomass Power Plant will produce 5 Megawatts (gross) of power using a stoker grate boiler and condensing steam turbine utilizing locally available forestry residuals to reduce wildfire risk.

  • Power will be produced from nominal steam flow of 50 kpph at a steam pressure of 750 psig and 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Biomass Boiler includes flue gas Air Quality Control System including SNCR, Multi-Cyclone, and ESP.

  • Cooling technologies used for design include air cooled condenser for water conservation.

  • This $25 Million Power Plant is being constructed over 20 months and will be completed in 2022.

Services: Project Development/Management, Electrical Engineering, I&C Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering, Procurement Support

Vicinity Energy
Vicinity Turbine Hall.JPG
Plant Engineering Support – Kansas City, MO
  • The Project consists of a district energy steam and power generation facility with aging mechanical and electrical equipment.

  • PPS Services Group is providing electrical engineering support to update existing plant one-line drawings, perform load balancing studies, arc flash analysis, coordination studies, electrical equipment specifications, recommendations on electrical equipment upgrades, and procurement support.

  • PPS is replacing all antiquated relay protection systems with new solid state relays. Work includes schematic design, relay coordination and construction support.

  • PPS Services Group is also providing mechanical engineering support for the design of a new condensate flash tank and condensate surge tank, process and instrumentation diagrams, and demo relocation drawings of the existing tanks and associated piping.

Services: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Procurement Support 

ProEnergy Services
La Paz LNG Terminal 150MW Power Plant - La Paz, Mexico

  • PPS Services Group is providing the detailed design engineering as part of an EPC team with ProEnergy for a 150 MW simple cycle power plant utilizing 3 x General Electric LM6000 combustion turbine generators.

  • The Power Plant will use gassified liquid natural gas to produce electric power for the La Paz LNG Terminal and to export to CFE.


Services: Electrical Engineering, I&C Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering,  Construction Support

East Africa Breweries Biomass Boilers - Kenya & Uganda


  • As part of Diageo's corporate green-energy initiative, PPS Services Group is providing detailed engineering and design to install six (6) renewable biomass packaged boilers at three (3) existing breweries.

  • The plants feature Hurst stoker fired boilers and auxiliary equipment as well as unique interface designs for steam, water, electrical, and controls.


Services: Electrical Engineering, I&C Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering, On-Site Engineer Services, Procurement Support, Start-up and Commissioning Support, HAZOP Review

Braes Bayou Generating Station
Braes Bayou.jpg
400 MW LM6000 Gas Fired Peaking Plant - Thompsons, TX


  • The Project consists of 8 x GE LM6000 Natural Gas fired Combustion Turbine Generators on a greenfield site. 

  • Auxiliary equipment including Selective Catalytic Reducer, water injection, spray injection, inlet fogging and water treatment system.

  • 345kV Electrical Switchyard using Generator Step-Up Transformers with a Strain Bus design.


Services: Civil/Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, I&C Engineering, Permitting and Construction Support

OneOK Hydrocarbon LP
Hydrocarbon Plant - Hutchinson, KS


  • Preliminary Engineering and Design for new fuel gas burner upgrades on three existing 65MMBTU hot oil heaters. 

  • Preliminary general arrangement drawings, P&ID's, mechanical piping plans and supports, and equipment list. 

  • Preliminary structural foundation drawings for new fuel gas trains. 


Services: Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Diageo Distillery Upgrades
Don Julio Distillery - Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico


  • Site survey of the existing El Charcon distillery, including biomass boiler installation, fuel handling plant, fuel stock, heat and mass balance, plant capacity review, low voltage and high voltage infrastructure, incoming power supply, electrical system redundancy, well locations, pumping and storage arrangements.  

  • One 1400 HP Biomass Boiler and 800 HP & 1200 HP Natural Gas Boilers

  • Biomass Feed stock Study and Report

  • Operations and Maintenance contract review and recommendations


Services: Owner's Engineering, Site Survey, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering


Mastec Power Corp.
La Bufa.jpg
Chamon 090117a.jpg

Madison & Franklin 2 x 65 MW Biomass Plants - Georgia, USA​


  • PPS Services Group teamed up with MasTec Power to engineer, procure, and construct two nominal 65 MW power plants utilizing biomass as the fuel source for Georgia Renewable Power.

  • The design features Siemens SST-600 steam turbine generators and WoodGroup stoker fired boilers. The successful projects were featured on the cover of the May/June 2019 Biomass Magazine.

Services: Electrical Engineering, I&C Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Structural  Engineering, On-Site Engineer Services, Permitting Support

First Reserve/Blackrock
La Bufa 130 MW Wind Project - Zacatecas, Mexico
  • The Project consisted of 65 Siemen's Gamesa 2 MW Wind Turbine Generators producing power through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Volkswagen of Mexico.

  • PPS Services Group was retained to represent First Reserve and subsequently BlackRock for on-site Project Management Services.

Services: Project Management, Field Services, Construction Support, Safety Audits

PW Power Systems
3 x 25 MW Gas Turbine Generators - Conakry, Guinea
  • PPS Services Group was retained to provide technical services for installation and startup and commissioning services for three (3) Pratt & Whitney Mobile Pac 25 MW Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine Generators.

  • The gas turbines were installed and commissioned in Conakry, Guinea.

Services: Start-up & Commissioning, Operations Manuals & Training, Field Services, Technical Support

Chamon Power
100 MW Peaking Power Plant - Channelview, Texas, USA


  • PPS Services Group provided the detailed design engineering as part of an EPC team with ProEnergy for a 100 MW simple cycle power plant utilizing two General Electric LM6000 combustion turbine generators.

Services: Electrical Engineering, I&C Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering, Utilities Interface Support

Falcondo International
Falcondo 1.jpg
2 x GE 7EA Combined Cycle 160 MW Repowering Project - Falcondo Bonao, Dominican Republic

  • PPS Services Group calculated the overall efficiency from one (1) GE 7EA in combined cycle using the one (1) existing Falcondo steam turbine.

  • Calculated what the overall efficiency would be from two (2) GE 7EAs (with 2 Deltak HRSGs) in combined cycle with the two existing Falcondo steam turbines.

  • Calculated an estimated fuel consumption (HFO) per train / unit and per the entire facility 2 x GE 7EAs on 2 x HRSGs on 2 STGs

  • Included a diverter for SC power generation

Services: Feasibility Study

University of Missouri
University of Missouri.png
Boiler Unit #10 Coal to Gas Conversion - Columbia, MO

  • Project involved conversion of a 200,000 lb/hr coal fired boiler to natural gas.

  • Existing units pilot burners were replaced with new state of the art 100% gas burners.

  • Scope of work involved P&IDs, 3-D routing of new natural gas piping, and replacement of makeup air dampers and controls. 

Services: Project Development, Electrical Engineering, I&C Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering, Laser 3-D Model, Field Services, Engineer of Record